Fundraising - You've Got This!

Six ways to meet your fundraising goal

1) Talk it Up! 
Be part of the good news in people's lives. Email, text or message your family, friends, co-worker and hair stylist about your upcoming Over The Edge experience...and WHY you want to make a difference for your neighbors. From the top left of your profile page, use the quick links to social media and email to get started.


Make business cards with your fundraising site url with a fun photo so people you see in person don't forget how to support your effort.

2) Set your goal!
The minimum amount to fundraise is $1,000, but that doesn?t mean you have to stop there. United Way of Greater New Haven is offering an Extra Mile Prize: ANYONE WHO RAISES $1,500 OR MORE will be entered into a drawing for a special prize AND will be eligible for priority rappel times.

3) Then set the pace!
Your own registration fee applies to your fundraising goal, so start there and let people know that you are putting your own resources on the line to step up to the edge for your neighbors.

4) Ask your employer about matching gifts--and get your supporters to do the same!
Many employers match the charitable gifts of their employees, so find out if yours does, too. This tried and true strategy can quickly get you to--and even beyond--your goal.

5) Say thanks...a lot!
In person, in email and especially on social media, send shout outs to those who support your effort. You will receive notifications and can see reports on your personal fundraising page. Leverage social media to thank supporters and bring more people to your page. Maybe your supporters will also want to "brag" about your efforts.

6) Throw a party!
Let's not forget the "Fun" in Fundraising. Think of something that you and your friends and family like to do and make it a benefit to help you reach or exceed your goal. Ideas for fundraising events are in your Participant Toolkit.

Email or give Maria "Angel" Gomez a call if you need some additional ideas or are wondering who to ask: or 203-691-4223

And most importantly...HAVE FUN!