Why Go Over The Edge?

Home at Last

In Fall 2018, Ivanna was thinking a lot about home. After bravely escaping domestic violence, Ivanna was working--getting help here and there from family and friends--but struggling to find affordable housing that she and her son Carmello needed.

Because of committed friends like you, United Way was able to connect Ivanna and Carmello to the emergency services they needed. They were given immediate shelter, and it wasn’t long before they had their own place to call home. Today, Ivanna and Carmello are cozy in a bright East Haven apartment, Ivanna’s father lives down the street, and Carmello is doing well in the second grade, enjoying math, and playing on the soccer field.

With the encouragement of friends and steady housing, Ivanna was able to go back to school to earn a medical certification to advance her career. As a result, she has a more reliable work schedule, so that she can plan for home life, child care, her future…Ivanna has found stability. And Carmello has his own take: “Now that I have my own room, I can have sleep overs with my friends!”

Your participation as an OTE fundraiser helps put individuals and families on the path to financial stability. It’s how we help our neighbors realize their own potential.

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