Build Your Dream Team!

Have you wondered how you can make rappelling even more fun and memorable? Bring a friend along! 

As friends, colleagues or neighbors fundraising together, you can build even more buzz about your adventure via this once-in-a-lifetime event. Together, you can meet your fundraising goal to help provide hope for the future for families and neighbors. 

The sky is the limit when you fundraise together:

  • Coordinate a cupcake bake-off, a karaoke jam or cornhole tournament - send in the funds and the whole team gets credited for the success
  • Compete against each other--whomever raises the most gets to pick the other team members' family-friendly costumes on rappelling day
  • Raise funds together to Toss Your (willing) Boss - the whole department can raise funds and build team spirit along the way

How do we do it?

  1. Register yourself and create a team page.
  2. Each additional team member will need to register and can join the team page.
  3. The fundraising minimum for each person rappelling is the same, but any funds raised as a team can be applied  to the team page and distributed to each team member.
  4. Any funds you personally raise will only be credited to you (if you prefer), but will inform the team's total fundraising. This means that if your teammate is a little behind at the deadline, you can help to cover them!

You can always reach out to Maria Gomez (Sr. Director of Development) via email or phone for any questions you have: or 203-691-4223